Comrade Cloth™ [Press Release] December 2017

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December 2017- COMRADE CLOTH LLC, a leading player in various industries which includes clothing, media, Business and Marketing proudly announce to the general public its Spreadshirt Grand Opening Promotion Online which permits everyone who makes purchase using promo code to enjoy fifteen percent discount.
Comrade cloth LLC is the first name that comes to mind since launched earlier this month when it comes to unique and quality products, some categorized the outfit as a platform only for those who can afford luxury, but the point is quality cannot be compromised. The management has further added a great splash on prices aside the normal friendly price activated.
On this note it remains a place for quality!
The company operates more like a household boutique, providing consumers goods such as kitchen utensils, convenience packs like bag and backpacks as well as phone accessories together with designer wears. It’s a harbor of first grade products of different types.
We have made our quality wears and products affordable for all and sundry, we understand there are classes, yet no one should be exempted from purchasing quality products”. Sales Manager, (COMRADE CLOTH LLC).
Diverse brand of designers are available for both male and female, young and old, the astonishing part is the announcement of discount in prices on every purchase using the promo code welcome-100252755 The discount was initiated by the management of the firm to celebrate buyers even at this time of the year.

Comrade Cloth LLC also specializes in providing business management, marketing and media services for other businesses, professionals and hobbyists.
The company has a user friendly website through which order can be placed for products, enquires can be made and appointment can be booked.
Customers are also allowed to customize any product of choice, clients choose particular product let say T-shirts, choose a design, upload image add text and choose preferred size.
COMRADE CLOTH LLC started operations fully in December 2017 in Colorado, the firm was established to provide solutions to the problem of not only the present society but far and beyond. The management remains dedicated in satisfying its clients which is believed to be a strong force in growing big.
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